The below listed nets have been approved by the Arlingotn Amateur Radio Club to use our repeaters for the designated nets.

The nets listed are moderated nets and will have a net control. Please follow any instructions by net control.

If you are using the listed repeater at the time for the net, please move to another frequency and allow the authorized net to proceed.

Approved Nets

AmSat Net - Wednesday evenings starting at 9:00 PM until complete. Normally no longer than 2 hours. 2 meter repeater

Monthly Outdoor Siren Test Net - Normally first Wednesday of the month from 12:00 noon until 1:30 PM. 2 meter repeater

Get on the Air Net - Morphed from a newbie net to an every Tuesday at 7:00PM. 2 meter repeater


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K5SLD/R 147.140+ PL 110.9, 224.800 PL 110.9, 444.200+ PL 100.0

220 Repeater is offline until further notice

2 meter Motorola analog and 70 centimeter repeater is Fusion Digital - turn on tone for in and out for analog.