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For Sale

Ameritron ALS-1300S, 160 thru 10 M, 1200 watt amplifier with Ameritron ARI 500 radio interface.

This Amp has seen light use. I am selling it because I have two Yaesu radios and I have to manually replug the amp if I want to switch from one radio to the other radio. I'm going to buy a Yaesu Quadra so I can plug both radios into it. I regularly use it with a Yaesu FTdx5000 MP Limited and haven't had any problems. I usally drive it with 30 watts and see about 700 to 800 watts out. It is used in a smoke free environment..

The ARI-500 comes with both cables to connect the amp plus a band data cable for Yaesu radios. The selling price is $1900.00 withc includes shipping to the lower 48. If you pick it up you can check it out and save $100/00.

I have the origianl shipping boxes for the amp and power supply.

Bill W5WJH